Danny DeMichele Remains Humble in His Business Affairs

When a person has become successful, few make mention to what that person did to become that triumphant and what trials they had to overcome. Danny DeMichele is a serial entrepreneur, marketing guru, and investor who is no stranger to discussing his accomplishments, but he always mentions the difficulties he overcame to obtain his victories.

In the Beginning

Since age twenty, DeMichele was working to establish his first online business, which was a nutrition website that he later sold to a huge medical mogul. Unfortunately, the stock market was less than favorable, so this risky investment did not make it for very long. This setback did not deter DeMichele from pursuing other affairs, but he definitely described this mishap as being his first and most important lesson learned.

Moving On

After crafting more genius websites and making it in such a competitive industry, his most profound business, eVisibility, came to be. After selling this company to LSF Network, it became one of the largest digital agencies in all of the United States. Regardless of this great achievement, DeMichele still maintained a humble personality, something that he sustains to this very day.

Humbly, Honestly, and Happily

"I would be lying if I said I am always successful," stated DeMichele. Later going to convey his honesty, he made a comment that he will be the first to admit when he is unable to do something or help someone in some way. This mentality undoubtedly allows him to remain relevant and appreciated by his clients, friends and, of course, his family. Admitting that in his twenty years of experience he has seemingly hit every bump in the road, he is also proud to admit that he has grown from every downfall and has used them to shape his expertise for the better and in a way that would help hundreds of people establish online businesses.