Who is Danny Demichele?

Danny Demichele is the perfect example of a success story. Danny's story started 18 years ago when he was just 20 years old. He started a nutrition website and then turned around and sold it to a large health conglomerate. This was his first hard lesson that he had to learn as the deal was for stock, the company went under and Danny lost everything. This should have discouraged anyone else, but Danny pushed on and was not deterred. Where others would have taken this as a sign to quit, Danny took this as a way to learn from his mistakes and to come back better than before.

Danny started eVisiblity and did not stop until it had been named one of the fastest growing companies in 2010. This is also where he made friends with a lot of people that are still with him, while others have ventured out on their own to forge their own path. Danny would go on to sell the company to LSf Network, this along with eVisiblity made LSF one of the largest digital agencies in the United States. Over the course of his 20+ career he has had a lot of success as well as a lot of failure. These failures has helped him help others by showing them the potholes that they need to avoid. As the man behind Incubate along with two other comanies, Danny Demichele has proven to be the classic example of living the American dream.

Danny Demichele has a strong history behind him that helps him to show a person that either is just getting going or one that has been struggling the places they are having issues with. Showing these mistakes allowed Danny the ability to teach others what he has learned. Few people can say that they have failed and came back stronger than before, Danny Demichele is one of those rare people.